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So The Ranger Is An Axe Murderer

The Ranger pulled up silently while Jim addressed his tee shot. Gene nodded and smiled. Jim hit his 8 iron flush. “Long.” Gene said. “What did you have the distance as?” Jim asked. “125.” “Damn. I thought it was the usual 140. I can’t believe I didn’t even notice that the tees were up.” Jim looked around the tee in disbelief, making yardage calculations in his head. “Right swing. Wrong club,” he said and shrugged. Gene glanced over at the Ranger. She was a small white haired lady likely north of 80. She drove the Ranger’s golf cart with the orange flag dangling out the back. In the seat next to her, standing on its head, was a bright red axe. She balanced it with her hand on the wooden handle almost like the stick shift of an automobile. “So do you have to put that thing to use when play gets slow?” Gene said with a wink. “No, it hasn’t been too busy today,” she said with a completely straight face. Gene nodded. “Well, OK, enjoy this beautiful evening!” Gene said. She waved and drove off. They started toward the green. Gene turned to Jim and said, “But when it gets slow heads start rolling!”

Author Tim Miller, 2018