The Golf Rules

A series of entertaining and educational books on

stroke play, match play, and golf etiquette,

along with a collection of short stories about everything golf.

"Like life, golf has a long list of unwritten rules that quickly expose a person's character. Lucky for us Richard E. Todd has put those rules in context with this fun little book. Give this book to your golf buddies and improve YOUR game. They may not thank you but I promise, they won't walk on your line anymore!" 
       ~Fred Greene, Golf Smarter Podcast host

"The rules of golf are complex, confusing and, in the case of etiquette, varying. Richard's book gives the readers a more personal connection, providing all golf lovers a wonderful resource."
      ~Will Haskett, PGA Tour Radio host

“The Golf Rules is a truly interesting way of learning the ins and outs of the game of golf. Readers will be able to have the right answers and learn how to handle questionable situations on the golf course through this insightful book.”
      ~The Eisen Agency